Same Day ACH testing for the new processing window opens soon

On March 19, 2021, the new processing window for Same Day ACH will be implemented into FedACH® Services. In preparation for the new processing window, all FedACH customers will have an opportunity to test January 20 through March 12, 2021 (excluding Mondays and February 16, 2021).
During the testing window, customers will be able to:
  • Test origination and AJ01 receipt files
  • View FedLine® Information Services Same Day settlement
  • Receive advices
As a reminder, AJ19 files will no longer be distributed. Instead, an AJ01 file will be generated to include both Same Day and next day items, if they are available.

We are encouraging all customers to test. To test, please complete the Third Same Day ACH Window Test Request Form

For any additional questions, please visit the Same Day ACH Resource Center or contact FedACH and Check Services Customer Support.  
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